Group Workshops:

Justin teaches workshops throughout the world for major manufacturers and distributors. What makes Justin's workshops unique is his training platform (UGIS: Universal Graphic Installation System) and his emphasis on creating high profit margins through efficiency while maintaining professional standards of quality and durability. In the workshop, partipants will get to work on walls, floors, windows, full print and color change car wraps. Everyone receives 25 yards of print or colorchange film, tools and a 50% discount on The Wrap Institute: worth $800!

2020 United States Schedule:

Avery Dennison-Mutoh Beginner/Intermediate hands-on Workshop:

This workshop is geared for people new to the wrap industry or installers looking to better their skills at vehicle wrapping.  In this 2-day course, participants will learn how to wrap walls, floors, cut vinyl, window perforation with the main focus being on how to wrap cars.  All participants receive $850 worth of tools and material for free.  To sign up for the workshop click here

Avery Dennison Intermediate/Advanced car wrap workshop plus certification.

In this 2-day workshop, the focus is on how to install color change wraps.  Topics include: advanced cutting, 3M Knifeless Tape, mirrors, bumpers, door handles, templates for inlays/overlays, upselling, stripes, chrome installs and much more.  All participants receive $850 worth of tools and material for free!  To sign up click here

Canadian Workshops

The Canadian courses are 2-day workshops that focus both on commercial and color change vehicle wraps.  They are open to all levels of installers and will help raise quality and durability through proven advanced techniques and tips as well as lower install times by 20-40%.

ND Graphic sign up:

Polyalto sign up:

Business Boot Camp

The Business Boot Camp for Wrap Professionals is geared towards wrap shops of all sizes as well as experienced freelance installers looking to expand into production and hiring employees. This is geared to anyone just coming into the wrap industry looking to open a shop, freelance installers looking to branch out and established wrapshops looking to increase profits and streamline workflow.