Hands-On Workshop Overview

Justin teaches workshops throughout the world for major manufacturers and distributors. What makes Justin's workshops unique is his training platform (UGIS: Universal Graphic Installation System) and his emphasis on creating high profit margins through efficiency while maintaining professional standards of quality and durability. In the workshop, partipants will get to work on walls, floors, windows, full print and/or color change car wraps. Everyone receives 25 yards of print or colorchange film, tools and a special discount on The Wrap Institute: worth $800!

Never Stop Learning!

2022 Avery Dennison Workshops - North America

Feb 1-2: New York - Commercial
Feb 3-4: Miami - Color Change
Feb 7-8: Charlotte - Color Change
Feb 10-11: Nashville - Color Change
Feb 14-15: Dallas - Color Change
March 17-18: Phoenix - Color Change
March 21-22: Los Angeles - Color Change
March 24-25: San Fran - Color Change
March 28-29: Portland - Color Change
March 31 - April 1: Boise - Color Change
May 9-10: Atlanta - Color Change
May 12-13: New Jersey - Color Change
May 16-17: Ottawa - ND Graphics
May 18-19: Toronto - ND Graphics
June 16-17: Albuquerque- Color Change
June 20-21: New York - Color Change
June 23-24: Charlotte - Color Change
June 27-28: Miami/Orlando - Color Change
September 8-9: Los Angeles - Color Change
September 12-13: Phoenix - Color Change
September 15-16: San Fran - Color Change
September 19-20: Boise - Color Change
September 22-23: Minneapolis - Color Change
October 24-25: Atlanta - Color Change
October 27-28: Nashville - Color Change
November 7-8: Houston - Color Change
November 10-11: Portland - Color Change

Avery Dennison CWI Certification - North America

Feb 5: Miami
Feb 9: Charlotte
Feb 12: Nashville
Feb 16: Dallas
March 19: Phoenix
March 23: Los Angeles
March 26: San Francicso
March 30: Portland
April 2: Boise
May 11: Atlanta
May 14: New Jersey
June 18: Albuquerque
June 22: New York
June 25: Charlotte
June 30: Miami/Orlando
September 10: Los Angeles
September 14: Phoenix
September 17: San Francisco
September 21: Boise
September 24: Minneapolis
October 26: Atlanta
October 29: Nashville
November 9: Houston
November 12: Portland

The Wrap Institute Center Hands-On Workshops

The Wrap Institute Center in Munich has a wide range of workshops from color change, PPF, tint and much more. These workshops are taught by Rainer Lorz, Justin Pate or another TWI Endorsed Trainer.

Worldwide Sign Shows and Events

FESPA Brazil: April 4-8

ISA Sign Expo: May 4-6

FESPA Berlin: May 30-June

SEMA: November 1-4

Be sure to meet up with Justin while he is doing demos at one of these great sign shows in 2022!

For FESPA Brazil, Justin will be in the Alltak booth and Cambea wrap contest as well as giving workshops each day before the show.

For the ISA Sign Expo, Justin will be in The Wrap Experience area which features the super popular Never Stop Learning Contest. Be sure to sign up to take part of this super fun contest.

For FESPA Berlin, Justin will be one of the judges in the World Wrap Masters contest and be sure to stop by The Wrap Institute learning hub which is right next to the contest!

For SEMA, Justin will be doing demos in the Avery Dennison booth on commercial, color change and PPF.