Justin Pate

Justin Pate

In the world of vehicle wraps, Justin Pate has become a household name. He is the creator/inventor of a "speed-wrapping" vehicle wrap installation system called UGIS (Universal Graphic Installation System), and is a renowned wraps instructor and recognized advocate of vehicle wraps.

During his 17 years as a wraps professional, Pate has wrapped more than 3,000 vehicles. His is the creator/lead instructor of the Avery-Mutoh School of Wrap program, co-creator of the North American Avery Certification program, and has his own DVD wraps instructional series called Techniques and Tips. In addition he is an Avery and 3M certified installer/instructor.

Pate began his wrapping career in 1996 while living in New York City working for another installer. After one year he ventured out on his own, wrapping solo. As his skills developed he was able to wrap vehicles by himself in less time than the industry standard. By the time he moved to Amsterdam in in 2006, he was wrapping 350 vehicles a year, most of them by himself.

In 2007, he launched his DVD series and began to teach workshops. He now teaches workshops full time worldwide for a variety of manufacturers and private companies, most notably for Avery-Dennison in North America.

This year, Pate plans on launching an online streaming instructional video platform called The Wrap Institute, which will be a key resource for learning solid installation techniques. Also for 2013, Croftgate USA will launch the Wrap Care JP After Care product series that he helped develop (JP stands for Justin Pate). The products are made to help keep wraps looking brand new throughout life of the install. When he is not teaching or wrapping he loves to spend his time with his wife Beertje and daughter Tigerlily.