Avery Dennison Justin Pate workshops

The Avery Dennison Justin Pate Workshops in early November were an astounding success! Justin Pate ran five two-day workshops across Australia and New Zealand. As he is a world- renowned wrap trainer, installer and international celebrity, his workshops are always a sell out in both New Zealand and Australia, and it was no different this year.
The goal of the two-day intensive training was simple: to increase the quality and durability of vehicle wraps, whilst at the same time reducing install times by 50 percent.
Each of Justin's workshops used a commercial van and two sedans, giving everyone plenty of hands-on training. The focus was on commercial vehicle wraps (day 1) and colour change vehicle wraps (day 2), and how to optimize the installation process so that installations can be completed in one day. When most full wraps can take longer to install, being able to reduce these times to one day was something that everyone was very excited to learn.
Justin is without doubt the number one installation trainer in the world. His skills are unsurpassed and everyone felt fortunate to have purchased one of the limited tickets to attend his workshops. His workshops that are suitable for everyone - from beginners to advanced wrappers. Topics that were covered included: building a strong foundation; learning new cutting-edge techniques; wrapping around hardware, and Justin's UGIS (Universal Graphic Installation System).
There was also a bonus for everyone who attended the workshops - a high intensity business logic session at the end of the last day. This was aimed at business owners and included everything from ownership to sales, design, production, installers and marketing. Needless to say, everyone who attended was excited for this session and true to his word, Justin shared all his hard-won knowledge, capping off the awe-inspiring two-day workshops with an amazing educational session appreciated by all.